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November 13, 2005


Mom N

That is an awesome story. I remember many such situations myself. It becomes part of you. God Bless Heather.


Truly, it isn't the coo coo clock noise that is annoying (although that is rather irritating in itself). It's the fact that Dan sets his alarm for 6:00 no matter what time he has to get up. And not just one alarm, two. The coo coo and a radio alarm. So I'm laying in bed for my last blissful half hour before I have to get up and get into the shower each morning, but can I enjoy it? Not quite. I have to listen to the coo coo and talk radio going off interchangeably in five-minute intervals because Dan has no intention of getting up until at least 7:00. So I'm cranky because I didn't get to savor those last few minutes of peace while Dan is off dreaming of anatomy. It's a good thing I love you as much as I do honey!

Mom N

Just like his dad only not anatomy, use to be postage meters, now fishing. Hang in there Heather

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